As fundraisers and marketers, we know that finding efficient and successful ways to engage supporters is a priority. SMS/MMS fundraising can help your organization nurture relationships with donors and engage prospects, but you need a strategy that is comprehensive and balanced.

So what makes NextGen’s approach to texting effective?

It’s more than just asking for donations.

NextGen’s texting service is based on a full funnel approach. Our approach builds relationships with supporters, makes it easy for them to contribute to your cause, and deepens their affinity for your nonprofit. We recommend a mix of messaging that primarily focuses on stewardship and engagement, with occasional fundraising asks. 

It allows for sophisticated segmentation.

We use segmentation tools to target specific audience subsegments to deliver a more authentic one-on-one communication experience. This can be based on demographics, donor behaviors, relationship with your organization, or any other factors relevant to your nonprofit’s goals.

It integrates with major fundraising platforms.

Our partner platform Tatango seamlessly works with a number of popular nonprofit platforms to automatically collect opt-ins, pass donation information into our system, save time, and drive performance. If we don’t have an existing integration, a simple piece of code will connect your website to our platform.

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