NextGen’s Digital Marketing and Media Team works with clients to boost their digital presence and improve fundraising efforts across channels. Our approach is comprehensive while also providing tailored strategy and service in response to a client’s program. 

Key to our approach is a diversification of acquisition tactics—marketing outside of a client’s current audience—with a focus on supporting a pipeline to secure long-term net gain over donor lifetime.

NextGen’s Digital Marketing and Media Team has:

  • Hands-on technical and design experience to support, troubleshoot, and contribute.
  • Knowledge of CRMs, digital marketing toolsets and platforms, and Adobe design tools.
  • Partner status with top-tier fundraising and advertising platforms.

Throughout the year, we work closely with stakeholders to ensure a strong channel mix (evolving as applicable) and provide ongoing reporting and analysis on campaign performance. Our balanced approach allows us to continually optimize traditional and emerging platforms for maximum conversion during critical fundraising periods. 

Our Expertise

Display Advertising

NextGen has the expertise to manage your Display advertising from creative design to campaign launch and reporting. Our team is certified in Google Display, and we can programmatically buy larger-scale ad placements through our partner StackAdapt.

Connected TV & Audio Advertising

Connected TV, Over-The-Top Advertising, and Audio Advertising represent some of the newest and most engaging channels/technologies for meeting prospects and members where they are. NextGen expertly manages campaigns on Roku, Hulu, and Spotify, as well as larger programmatic ad buys.

Donation Form Optimization

Optimizing donation forms to leave donors happy and maximize revenue is a keystone of digital success. Through our partnership with Fundraise Up, a premiere donation form platform and toolset, we are positioned to use AI to optimize and streamline the donor experience for our clients. 

We are a Meta Agency Partner with extensive expertise in Facebook and Instagram advertising, all the way from campaign ideation and creative to technical execution.

Text Message Marketing

Audience and donor behaviors are changing, and engagement and retention are a persistent challenge. That’s why texting is a high-performing, increasingly popular tool. Through our partner Tatango, we can help you build a curated list of supporters, engage with audiences, and raise money.

NextGen is a certified Google Advertising Partner, so we know the best tactics to create success for a client’s brand and mission. Our Google Advertising certifications include Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, and Google Video Ads. 

Campaign Reporting

After investing time, money, and brainpower into a campaign, you’re likely itching to see how it performed. While attribution in the digital space is becoming tricker, campaign performance and revenue are still important. NextGen uses fully automated reports and custom dashboards that make data both insightful and visually appealing.

Email Strategy, Creative, & Build

A strong email fundraising strategy serves as the backbone of any digital program. NextGen specializes in copywriting, creative design, and email build. Our digital strategy covers the entire donor journey from prospect to donor and builds affinity for your organization. 

Google Grant Management

Managing your Google Grant is critical for building positive brand awareness and supporting your organization’s position in organic search results. NextGen’s goals in running your account are to improve brand awareness, attract donors, and recruit new prospects.