There is a lot going on in the world of data privacy. From web browsers enacting new policies that limit or block the use of cookies to device manufacturers like Apple changing their operating system protocols, there are now many limitations that impact visibility to audience activity. 

This has posed problems for marketers and fundraisers who rely on audience insights to adjust strategy and learn more about interests/preferences to better craft messaging. At the same time, understandably, privacy and trust are at the forefront of donors’ minds. 

Entering the 2022 election cycle, it is important to consider rules around data privacy and messaging about sensitive topics. As we know, Facebook (now known as Meta) has been heavily scrutinized for its handling of false information around the 2020 election. Now, the company is taking measures to mitigate damage, including monitoring sensitive advertising. 

If you’re still struggling to keep up with all things Meta, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Here are a few recent updates regarding sensitive topics/advertising about social issues on Facebook and Instagram:

1) Election Time Ad Restriction Period

Currently, there is no plan for a full ad pause this year. However, Meta will implement an “advertising restriction period” from 12:01 AM PT Tuesday, November 1, 2022 to 11:59 PM PT Tuesday, November 8, 2022. This restricts new ads about social issues, elections, or politics. If organizations want to run messaging that falls under one or more of these categories, they have to set up the ad and deliver an impression beforehand. 

During the restriction period, advertisers can only:

  • Change bid and budget amounts
  • Adjust scheduled end dates
  • Pause/unpause ads

2) New Identity Verification Requirement 

Meta announced that, beginning on September 7, 2022, anyone who plans to advertise elections or politics must complete an authorization process to confirm their identity. Additionally, advertisers will be required to place “Paid for by” disclaimers on these ads.

Make sure to complete this ASAP if your upcoming ads include related topics—ad accounts that continue to run social issues, electoral, or political ads without being authorized can be subject to permanent advertising restrictions. You will need to:

  • Confirm your identity at
  • Set up two factor authentication
  • Submit US ID for verification 
  • Receive letter in the mail and enter a code to verify your location in the US (doesn’t have to match address on ID) 

You can learn more about how to complete this process, including linking your ad account and setting a disclaimer, here

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