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Against the backdrop of all that has happened in our region and the world the past couple of years, we believe there has never been a more important time to aggressively invest in digital fundraising and realize diversified revenue possibilities. We espouse guiding principles to lead our work in digital fundraising. These philosophies are rooted in experience, rigorous testing, and industry standards. We share them first because we believe they truly form the foundation for our future work together.

Donor Acquisition

Digital channels are an excellent way to support acquisition efforts with a better resulting net cost to acquire new donors than offline acquisition. Paid search marketing is a widely-used strategy in digital marketing, brand awareness, acquisition, and soliciting contributions—providing a convenient “donor journey” while reinforcing a positive affinity with your mission.

Let’s work together: Diversifying acquisition sources with minimal investment and maximum efficiency to reach more prospects, drive new donors, and create positive net revenue.

Successful Nonprofits Transform Through Digital

At NextGen, we believe investment in digital fundraising is not only a smart way to do business as a nonprofit but a necessary one. And investment is truly the right word. Far too many nonprofit leaders buy new technology or test channels or tools without a comprehensive plan, only to see them fall victim to spending more money than they should. 

Let’s work together: Mitigating risk and providing smart digital investments for a sustainable future as you transform your fundraising program and your organization.

Increased Revenue Growth/Short-Term Yield

We believe there are significant opportunities for positive short-term ROI through the use of focused digital fundraising tactics such as digital flights, stand-alone email campaigns, and paid search advertising to name a few. These campaigns can be tailored specifically to generate as much revenue as possible.

Let’s work together: Digital campaigns often result in higher average gifts than direct mail, providing a chance to leverage testing on gift arrays to maximize revenue.

Donation Forms Drive Response

Creating a positive donor experience at the point of conversion can make or break the relationship. This can be a balancing act: from mobile optimization to ease of giving, from ask ladders to tracking and analysis, there is more that goes into donation form setup than mere technology. 

Let’s work together: Optimizing donation forms to leave donors happy and maximize revenue is a keystone of digital success.

Email Is the Backbone of Digital

Email is still a primary means of communication with donors and prospects. Additionally, when someone gives you their email address, it comes with more than just a modicum of trust in your organization. If used well for donor communication, this has a tremendous positive impact on brand affinity and donor lifetime value.

Let’s work together: Building your email program to be both proactive and responsive in a timely and personalized way.

Sustainer Support

NextGen has built and grown sustainer programs for several types of organizations and made sustainer giving the primary option across channels. Increased donor loyalty leads to better retention and higher lifetime value. Those metrics increase exponentially for monthly donors. The result is greater revenue, lower costs, higher retention rates, and as the name suggests, a sustainable source of revenue. 

Let’s work together: We’ll help you promote the impact that sustainer gifts have on the mission and build awareness, affinity, and ambassadors for your sustainer program. 

Channel Integration Is the Silver Bullet

At NextGen we know that successful nonprofits not only embrace new digital channels they build consistent, personalized experiences across channels. Integrating multiple channels for use during a fundraising campaign can significantly lift response and drive stronger relationships with donors. 

Let’s work together: Demonstrating how channel integration allows you to personalize based on preferences and mitigate risk by diversifying revenue streams.


At NextGen we’ve seen how testing messages, cadence, and offers across channels helps you determine the right mix and timing for smaller segments and individuals. Testing with digital channels can lead to faster and greater success in real-time  using A.I.-based models, instead of relying on post-campaign, channel-specific results.    

Let’s work together: Understanding how test options become more viable, valuable, and more comprehensive with channel integration.

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NextGen’s digital team will put you on a strategic path to channel integration and transformative multichannel campaigns, allowing you to build stronger donor engagement, raise more money, and lift lifetime value. We work with you to fully formulate an integrated strategy, budget and plan projects, execute campaigns, and analyze results. 

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