Invoice Emails. Love Them or Hate Them, You Can’t Ignore Them.

Invoice emails reliably outperform and are a great option to supplement your calendar year-end (CYE) fundraising campaigns. Sometimes they’re so successful that organizations send out two versions during their CYE campaigns!

Invoice emails are a win-win for December campaigns. 

In a hectic production season, they represent streamlined production—minimal copy and easily updated to reflect matching gift offers. It’s nice to have a set it and forget it touchpoint to anchor other messaging.  

Invoice emails are personalized by their very nature. 

Using a mail merge to include first and last name, acknowledging donor’s “start date” or time on file, and providing an “expiry date” as a deadline to act implies urgency—including a suggested gift amount reduces friction.  

Invoice emails also fit the bill (#punny) as a year-round renewal tactic. 

Your supporters are likely receiving countless messages from your organization and other nonprofits. The invoice template is short, transparent, distinct, and offers a clear call to action.  

Invoice templates work across all channels.

Last but not least, it’s important to note that the invoice template works across channels and giving levels. Year-over-year reporting shows continued and increased success in performance in renewal, lapsed, and even acquisition direct mail packages that include an invoice mock-up.

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