Against the backdrop of all that has happened in our region and the world the past couple of years, we believe there has never been a more important time to aggressively invest in digital fundraising and realize diversified revenue possibilities.

At NextGen, we espouse guiding principles to lead our work in digital fundraising. These philosophies are rooted in experience, rigorous testing, and industry standards. We share them first because we believe they truly form the foundation for our future work together.

One of the most impactful strategies your organization can invest in is paid search advertising. Paid search advertising ensures your brand is top of mind and top of page. Your Google Grant is necessary, but it has limitations. We have a proven track-record of successful paid search advertising campaigns with demonstrated ROI and sustainer acquisition.

The Client

Colorado Public Radio (CPR) is an award-winning public media radio station in Colorado known for delivering meaningful news, music, and cultural experiences to its listeners. CPR has bureaus across Colorado to ensure every corner of the state is hearing important stories about their community.

The Challenge

We knew Calendar-year-end 2021 would be a difficult year for fundraising, coming on the heels of the pandemic boost. The advertising space was expected to be much more competitive and expensive. NextGen made sure to run campaigns consistently all year long to help promote fundraising and brand awareness for Colorado Public Radio, in order to keep their organization front of mind, and pull up results at the end of the year.

The Results

This strategy of making sure to be in market for most of the year paid off. Colorado Public Radio saw an incredibly strong CYE with a 4.34 to1 return on ad spend (ROAS). The average cost per click (CPC) was $1.55, well below the industry average of $3.72 CPC.* 

The advertising during the rest of the year allowed NextGen to focus on very specific keywords that would promote high conversion rates.

Based on this success, CPR is expanding their advertising budget and expanding to new channels in the next fiscal year. NextGen is excited to partner with CPR and help them grow their paid advertising program.

*Average CPC of $3.72 for search campaigns comes from M&R Benchmark Reports 2022.

About NextGen Fundraising

NextGen is a thought leader and knowledge resource in the nonprofit industry. We advise clients at all levels of the organization and we know from experience that fundraising works best when it is aligned with mission, financial, and marketing strategies and goals.

For us, strategy drives the tactics—not the other way around. Our agency creates information-driven fundraising plans rooted in a culture of analysis. We embrace new technology and believe successful nonprofits transform through the coordination of media and a commitment to multichannel donor relationships.

The NextGen team is composed of strategists and specialists in fundraising, direct response, and digital marketing services. Most of us have worked and volunteered at nonprofits, giving us a distinct perspective on how organizations operate. 

Most importantly, we know that when we and our clients are successful, good things happen in the world.

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