Nonprofits are seeing record increases in online donations, but just having a donation form on your website isn’t enough. 

Online donors act differently than traditional direct mail donors, and as we move towards an increasingly digital world, it’s important to have a solid digital fundraising program in place. 

This guide provides a look at some of the tactics required to grow your digital program.

Digital Readiness Assessment

Digital fundraising is much more than just sending donors to an online donation form. 

Online giving grew by 3% in 2021, and it’s vital that potential donors have a good experience when visiting your website. In order to most effectively use email fundraising, paid advertising, and social media, your website needs to be mobile-friendly, have optimized donation forms, and contain proper tracking.

Donation Form Optimization

Make the most of your donation forms! The better your donation forms are, the more conversions you’ll see.

Mobile Friendly

Make sure your form is mobile responsive and easily viewed on any device.

Ditch Those Radio Buttons

Radio buttons are not mobile-friendly and almost impossible to select when using a phone or tablet. Opt for larger buttons that are easier to select.

Default to Monthly Giving

Ask for what you want! We all know how valuable obtaining monthly donors can be for an organization, so make monthly giving the default option. Donors who want to give a one-time gift will still be able to give, but it does send a message that the best way to help the organization is through a monthly gift. A one-time donor may consider that for the next time!

One-Click Payment Options

It can be incredibly frustrating to obtain a monthly donor, only to find out a few months later that their credit card expired. It also can be very difficult to convince donors to give you direct access to their bank account information. 

The solution? One-click payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay. They save the donor’s information and payment method, saving time and preventing the loss of a donor when their credit card expires.

Customize Your Form Based on the Campaign

When you’re running a fundraising campaign with a specific theme, such as new programming on public media stations or an animal welfare org in need of new equipment, match the donation form to the theme. This means using matching graphics, headlines, and supporting copies.

Paid Search Advertising

By now, you’re probably at least familiar with Google Grant accounts. It can be a great resource for any organization, but there are an incredible amount of rules and restrictions that can be difficult to navigate. These rules make it almost impossible to see consistent and reliable conversions.

Hey, no one is turning down free money. You should be utilizing your grant account, but it can’t be the only option. Using paid advertising is the easiest way to make sure people who are looking for your organization will find it at the top of the search results every time. 

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