Content drives support, and content cannot exist without the money raised by membership.  

Remember, this is a mutual relationship. Marketing teams can support membership fundraising efforts by creating multi-channel stewardship or impact awareness campaigns, which continue to reinforce the goal of deepening engagement in the audience/member relationship.

In the current environment, competition for donor share of wallet is going to increase exponentially: infographics, impact statements, testimonials, and other marketing collateral are critical for establishing your brand story and overarching mission.

This is an important step to building trust with prospects or supporters as they make the choice to upgrade their relationship with your organization. 

All of the above lead to the overall membership journey, which is the path along various touchpoints that someone takes from the first engagement (even if that is just watching or listening) to conversion to giving, retention, and upgrade.

If every touchpoint is an ask or appeal, a donor relationship may sour—marketing and membership departments share responsibility for stewardship and cultivation with a goal of enriched engagement, immediate revenue, and higher lifetime value.

This must be a very calculated, structured, and coordinated journey. Marketing and membership teams should work in concert with one another to steward each individual along this path.

To be clear, the ultimate goal is conversion from prospect to financial supporter. Content cannot exist without revenue and membership programs provide the financial lifeblood to fuel your mission. 

When content drives support, marketing teams serve a critical role by developing the initial touchpoints and acquisition materials that create the positive first impression as supporters engage with the brand, build trust, and recognize their own role through the impact of their giving.

The reward for members includes an enhanced personal brand—since your mission and its work in the community are in full view—along with a long-term investment in a trusted and shared public resource.

Member journeys differ for each individual based on their profile, preferences, and behavior. 

It’s more important than ever to continually share information on user behaviors and report on engagement and the efficacy of both programming initiatives and fundraising campaigns to tailor a personalized donor journey.

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