There is no denying that the world is changing faster than ever.

Non-profit organizations across all sectors are responding to new challenges—and new donor demographics—as philanthropic giving behaviors continue to shift during the pandemic, as a result of social movements, and in response to emerging channels of communication.  

Tim Oleary, Managing Partner & CEO

For nonprofits, being able to tie the case for support, messaging, and marketing content to mission and impact will continue to be paramount to success. 

As you update your messaging and content, we highly recommend you use an approach that works for NextGen and our clients:  think like a journalist!

Remember grammar school English lessons about the five W’s?  Those framing questions (“Who”, “What”, “Where”, “Why”, “When”—and the additional “How” and “With What Result”) are critical elements to journalistic writing, especially if column space—or your prospective audience’s  patience—is limited.

Improve donor communications with a strong, succinct message by asking these important questions to improve your case for support through messaging and donor cultivation. 

WHO is your audience and WHAT motivates them to give to your organization?
WHAT action are you asking them to take, or WHAT mission or program needs support?
WHAT impact does your nonprofit make and WHO are the beneficiaries of your mission?
WHY is your cause worthy of support and WHY now?
WHEN do you need the support and WHERE will charitable dollars be used?
WHAT is the result of someone giving to your organization?
WHEN and WHERE will that impact be realized? HOW are you demonstrating impact?

Rocky Mountain Public Media, the parent brand of the statewide public broadcasting network for Colorado, recently started asking some of these questions. Thinking like journalists is helping them start down the right path. 

HOW to generate philanthropic support for their overarching mission? 
WHAT does it mean if much of their revenue is driven by specific sub-brands? 
WHY do  certain audiences have such a strong affinity for Rocky Mountain PBS, KUVO, and The Drop?
WHEN will post-pandemic giving trends emerge among new, loyal, and prospective donors?
WHERE do they need to adjust marketing and fundraising messaging to be successful?

NextGen Can Help!

NextGen’s experienced team aligns marketing, fundraising, communication, and creative strategies to help you formulate messaging and content that truly ties into your mission and demonstrates the impact of giving on those you serve.


Get started with a Donor Communication Assessment and we’ll help you  to better connect with supporters and generate higher donor lifetime value!