NextGen Co-op: 2018

The 2018 Co-op was a Success!

Every year, NextGen collaborates with our Public Media partners to explore the latest trends, tools, and ways to lift each other higher in the ever-changing world of fundraising.

Thanks to all who attended in the 2018 Co-op in Miami! To get a better sense for what we do at the Co-op, see the videos and pictures below.

2018 Co-op Presentations

View/Download the PowerPoint presentations given by our speakers for the 2018 Miami Co-op here.

DAY 1:
Test & Trends: Jay Janszen, NextGen
New Creative & Test Ideas: The NextGen Team
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DAY 2:
Re-imagining the Membership Model: Tim Oleary, NextGen & Jonathan Sills, NextGen 
Strengthening Your Donor Relationships with Data: Michal Heiplik, CDP
In the Eye of the Storm: John Morales, NBC6 Miami
Harnessing the Power of Data in Today’s Nonprofit Landscape: Charlie Cadigan, Wiland
Maximizing Membership and Revenue Growth through Passport: Chas Offutt, PBS
Artificial Intelligence that Optimizes Donor Lifetime Value & Retention: Adam Treiser, Arjuna Solutions
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DAY 3:
Fundraisers Channeling Fred Rogers: Dr. Sophie Penney, Penn State University
Co-op Innovation Series Part l: John Perrell, Smithsonian Institution & Dr. Sophie Penney, Penn State University
Target Analytics New Offerings: George Whelan, Target Analytics
Co-op Inovation Series Part 2: Marc Suspic, Marc Supsic Wine Living & Kristine Masta, Consultant
Getting the Most Out of Year End Campaigns: Jonathan Sills, NextGen
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