Postcard Program

Providing creative solutions through engaging direct mail.

In the early months of COVID-19, non-profit organizations were facing mounting uncertainties including staffing relocation, disruptive shortages, economic recession, and a public health crisis. 

NextGen Fundraising knew it was essential to improvise new solutions that helped to enforce mission while highlighting community resources and services. We pioneered a postcard program to provide solutions to the following challenges: 


Challenge: Organizations and their mail programs may experience budget cuts.

Solution: Postcards have lower postage rate and costs can be controlled with B/W or 2-color options. And, as long as budgets held steady, clients could send visually engaging 4-color creative.


Challenge: Mail recipients may not have the means to give. Mail may not seem timely or relevant. 

Solution: Postcards reinforce mission and brand, helping to cultivate year-end gifts. Opportunity for fast turnaround and customizable creative to reflect current external situations or specific initiatives.


Challenge: Mail recipients may discard unopened mail. Mail recipients may not be able to reply via mail.

Solution: Postcards are highly visible to capture attention and provide content without the need to open an envelope. Recipients who are sheltering in place may not be able to send reply-forms, so this provides an option for a QR code or URL to drive donors to give online. 


Challenge: Mail delivery may be affected or experience delays.

Solution: Lighter mail packages may be included in mail delivery when conventional or larger mail may be postponed or canceled.


About NextGen

NextGen is a thought leader and knowledge resource in the nonprofit industry. We advise clients at all levels of the organization and we know from experience that fundraising works best when it is aligned with mission, financial, and marketing strategies and goals.

For us, strategy drives the tactics—not the other way around. Our agency creates information-driven fundraising plans rooted in a culture of analysis. We embrace new technology and believe successful nonprofits transform through the coordination of media and a commitment to multichannel donor relationships.

The NextGen team is composed of strategists and specialists in fundraising, direct response, and digital marketing services. Most of us have worked and volunteered at nonprofits, giving us a distinct perspective on how organizations operate.

Most importantly, we know that when we and our clients are successful, good things happen in the world.

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