Creativity + Passion + Experience = Results.

GBH Boston

Forward-Thinking Professionals

The NextGen Co-op is the gathering of a group of forward-thinking professionals in Public Media radio and television, who are exploring ideas and trends that are coming up and [that] we need to face as an industry.

Twin Cities PBS

An Opportunity to Bring People Together

The NextGen Co-op meeting gives me an opportunity to bring people together and helps me consider what I do, if it’s right, or how can I tweak it and make what we’re doing, better!

Colorado Public Radio

They ask the Right Questions

Next Generation Fundraising truly is a Colorado Public Radio partner. Not only do our consultants have a thorough understanding of CPR's ever-changing donor base, they ask the right questions and design innovative solutions that continue to move our fundraising and engagement to new heights.

Peninsula Open Space Trust

The Most Effective Fundraising Year to Come

We've had the opportunity to work with Next Generation Fundraising for five years, and their team has helped POST grow our donors by over 40%. They're always recommending new ideas for direct mail strategy and new rental & model names for us to fold into our acquisition mailing plan. We look forward to digging into the data and hearing insights from our NextGen account team, early in the calendar year, to help us plan for the most effective fundraising year to come.

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA

A True Partner

We have a true partner in Next Gen! They have the direct marketing and digital fundraising expertise that we need, and they have always been open to our ideas and donor experiences.  Our account reps are readily available and take the extra steps to make sure we understand strategy, creative approach, and testing, so that we’re able to actively participate in communicating our messages.  NextGen has continuously demonstrated that they have our, and our donors’ best interests, in mind.

UNC-TV Labels

Using personalized mailing labels as a direct mail freemium is nothing new, but they never performed as well for public broadcasting stations as they did for many other nonprofits.

Well, sometimes what is old is new again. In the summer of 2017, NextGen reintroduced a North Carolina Discovery Labels version of the control package for UNC-TV, the statewide public television network of Public Media North Carolina. The test results for both acquisition and lapsed segments far exceeded expectations.

In the initial test, the acquisition response for the labels version saw a 19% lift in both response rate and revenue.  The cost to acquire a donor was just $5, almost unheard these days in acquisition direct mail.

The lapsed label version also won the test with flying colors, garnering a 49% lift in response and a 77% lift in revenue.

Recently, we are testing label images generated through a social media photo contest against the original Discovery images.

The UNC-TV label testing is proof that sometimes innovation is easily achieved by adding new twists to tried and true campaigns.

Increase: 49%
Increase over prior campaign: 77%

Save the Redwoods League:
The Power of Urgency​

California’s fiscal problems meant that Save the Redwoods League needed extra funds from donors to buy an unprotected redwood forest. Our campaign focused attention on the property sale date and brought to life the ecological value of the property. Exceeding the revenue goal by 177%, it was the League’s strongest appeal in years.

0 %
of Revenue Goal