Success Stories

Creativity + Passion + Experience = Results

NextGen has decades of experience serving as a thought leader and knowledge resource across the nonprofit industry. We know from experience that fundraising works best when it is aligned with mission, financial, and marketing strategies and goals. 

Want to see for yourself? Check out some recent examples of NextGen partnering with nonprofits across verticals to transform through the coordination of media and a commitment to multichannel donor relationships. 

Digital: Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Public Radio (CPR) has bureaus across Colorado to ensure every corner of the state hears important community stories. We knew Calendar-year-end 2021 would be a difficult year for fundraising, coming on the heels of the pandemic boost. The advertising space was expected to be much more competitive and expensive, but we still needed to keep CPR front of mind at the end of the year. Read more.

Digital: CDP

CDP and NextGen collaborate to help Public Media stations across the United States. Many stations, especially those in smaller markets, were struggling to acquire new donors, master their presence in the digital space, and find solutions in the face of increasingly poor pledge performance. We needed to help stations bring in additional revenue and new donors through paid Google search campaigns. Read more.

Multichannel: Peninsula Humane Society

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA’s Spay/Neuter Campaign is a longstanding appeal theme that has resonated with local supporters. This past year presented a unique opportunity to ratchet up the campaign’s call-to-action. A change in PHS/SPCA’s contract with the county resulted in significantly more new spay/neuter costs that the organization would now have to cover. Read more. 

Direct Mail: Postcard Program

In the early months of COVID-19, non-profits faced mounting uncertainties including staffing relocation, disruptive shortages, economic recession, and a public health crisis. We knew it was essential to improvise new solutions that helped enforce mission while highlighting community resources and services, so we pioneered a postcard program to provide solutions to challenges across verticals. Read more.