Let’s Work Together: Direct Mail

As the role of print media and direct mail continue to evolve, NextGen remains at the forefront. Our team ensures fundraising projects meet the most up to date standards, deliver accurately and on-time, and utilize the best technology to drive the strongest results. 

Strategy Drives the Tactics

At NextGen, a strategic fundraising plan is the foundation of our approach. Nothing else works quite the right way without it. While that may seem trivial or obvious, we are thorough and adamant about strategy driving tactics, not the other way around.

Let’s work together: Identifying strategic financial objectives and outcomes to align with larger fundraising and organizational goals.

Production Management

NextGen’s Production Team oversees every step of the print and mailing process, ensuring deadlines are met and measuring quality control. Ahead of each campaign, the team will prepare plans addressing campaign goals and budget, creative treatment, testing, audience segments and schedules.

Let’s work together: From “soup to nuts,” your job is completely monitored by NextGen so you can concentrate on the work you need to do on your end to ensure the best results.

Segmentation & Lettershop Instructions

NextGen is adept at using various models and approaches to segmentation based upon prior member behavior. We also use information from Donor Insight Gateway™, our fundraising analytics program, and from the client’s CRM to base target audiences on recency, number of years on file, dollar levels, acquisition source, number of gifts, etc.

Let’s work together: We provide detailed instructions to the printer so that you can target the right segments to achieve your campaign goals.

Data & Confidentiality

Data security and integrity is something we take very seriously. NextGen and its vendor partners adhere to all data confidentiality and privacy laws and we allow for smooth, secure transmittal of data files. We also follow standard Q/C procedures when printing live data, including regular pulls in each hour, sampling, and processing of live data proofs.

Let’s work together: We maintain data integrity and security so that you can be worry-free and focus on other facets of your campaign.

Print Sourcing & Quoting

NextGen manages the production of more than 12 million pieces of nonprofit mail every year, and our vendor partners are sending out nearly 400 million pieces per year. With tight supply chains and growing costs, we try to bring as much flexibility to the bidding process. 

Let’s work together: NextGen and its vendor partners can match formats, colors, stocks, etc. to meet campaign goals in the most cost-efficient way. 

Creative & Copywriting

NextGen creative managers work with clients to develop the concepts that will drive the campaign, including reinforcement of the case for support. Whether the goal is lead gen, stewardship, conversion, or straight fundraising, our writers work with you to develop the tone balanced with a sense of urgency to achieve the necessary goals.

Let’s work together: We deliver a consistent and poignant message that tells the organization’s own story and ensure the brand message is consistent—and compelling—across channels.

Reporting & Analytics

We live in the world of big data. But data alone doesn’t provide the information we need to be good fundraisers. Solid analysis and an unbiased understanding assure we’re not only reporting on the results but delivering actionable information.

Let’s work together:  We assess the true value of your donor segments and asset classes and point to key trends in giving behavior, reporting on campaign results and guiding plans for future campaigns and budgets.

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Our work is led by an expert team of strategic fundraisers and digital marketers, many of whom have been in your seat at nonprofit organizations. As your partners, the NextGen team will use our experience to incorporate our core fundraising philosophies into all we do together.

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