Digital Marketing

Investing in digital integration is one thing. Transforming your program is quite another.

Fundraising Strategy

Your Website is Where it All Happens. 
Improve performance and UX for your most valuable digital properties. We’ll identify opportunities to layer engagement CTAs to engage donors and optimize donation forms to ensure increased revenue, higher conversion, and accurate attribution analysis.

Who? How? Why?
Do you know what motivates your digital and acquisition audiences? We help tailor content and donor journeys based on behavior data and audience demographics to  improve your acquisition ROI, increase conversions, and enhance donor loyalty.

Data Drives Decisions.
Our in-depth analysis provides the full picture across channels. Donor LTV is a journey and an investment—our reporting helps answer important questions and establish the value of donor acquisition and retention.

Custom Tactics

You’ve Got Mail!
Email is the backbone of any digital program. We provide campaign planning, cadence, and creative for cultivation and fundraising. We’ll also help your organization respond to external events—ensuring relevant messaging at all times

Grow Your Lists. Engage Your Audiences. 
A positive brand experience includes being welcomed and thanked early and often. We help create a strong first impression to guide new contacts along a donor journey.  Fine-tune your acquisition onboarding series for prospects and watch your donor loyalty grow.

Words Matter.
Make the most of your digital communications. From emails to ads to social media posts and texts—our team of communication experts craft personalized and impactful creative that keep you on-point with your brand promise.

Digital Marketing

Our Approach to Social Media is…Social! 
Social media advertising is an opportunity to meet your donors where they are. Remarketing helps provide a full multi-channel experience and brand affinity. We’ll help identify new prospects who are ready to support your organization’s mission. 

You Get What You Pay For. 
Paid search advertising ensures your brand is top of mind and top of page. Your Google Grant is necessary, but it has limitations. We have a proven track-record of successful paid search advertising campaigns with demonstrated ROI and sustainer acquisition.

Helping nonprofits integrate fundraising strategy, digital marketing, and custom tactics. We create multi-channel connections for your supporters and raise money for your mission.

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