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Strategy + Multi-Channel Direct Response Marketing Services

NextGen knows from experience that fundraising is most successful when it is aligned and integrated with marketing and financial strategies. 

We help you build a vision of your donor communications and fundraising program rooted in sound strategy, actionable analysis, compelling creative and the knowledge that when we’re successful together, good things happen in the world.

Let’s Work Together.

We’re collaborative, transparent, and passionate about your mission.

NextGen has decades of collective knowledge in the nonprofit sector. We provide custom strategy and bring a diverse collection of skills to support our clients.

Building relationships with supporters has never been so complex; NextGen is your strategic partner. Ready to start your next generation of fundraising?

You Can Count on NextGen.

NextGen Analytics is powered by our proprietary reporting tool, Donor Insight Gateway (DIG) and partnerships with leading data companies delivering A.I.-driven models and segmentation.

NextGen Strategists partner with you to build both short-term yield and long-term value from your members through the entire marketing and fundraising funnel.

NextGen Account Teams tailor content and donor journeys to improve your acquisition ROI, increase conversions, and enhance donor loyalty.

NextGen Communications help build a consistent brand story and case for support through compelling creative.

NextGen Digital Teams provide campaign planning, cadence, and creative for cultivation and fundraising—ensuring relevant messaging at all times.

NextGen Partners with best-in-class print and production facilities across the country and works closely with their account teams to deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

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