A Rising Tide…

Thank you for attending the 2018 NextGen Public Media Co-op Meeting.

We hope you enjoyed South Beach and found the Meeting to be productive. The NextGen Team took lots of notes and we look forward to implementing some of the many items that came up in discussion throughout the week.

A special note of thanks to our 2018 sponsors: Blackbaud, CDP, Infocision, InfoGroup, Navistar Direct, Target Analytics, and Wiland.

Soon we’ll be making plans for next year’s Co-op Meeting. We have not selected a final location or venue just yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, please enjoy the presentations from the week, found below.

Thanks again for being part of the “magic in the room” at the 2018 Co-op Meeting.  We’ll see you soon!


2018 Co-op Meeting Agenda

2018 Co-op Meeting Attendees List


DAY 1:

Test & Trends: Jay Janszen, NextGen

New Creative & Test Ideas: The NextGen Team


DAY 2:

Re-imagining the Membership Model: Tim Oleary, NextGen & Jonathan Sills, NextGen 

Strengthening Your Donor Relationships with Data: Michal Heiplik, CDP

In the Eye of the Storm: John Morales, NBC6 Miami

Harnessing the Power of Data in Today’s Nonprofit Landscape: Charlie Cadigan, Wiland

Maximizing Membership and Revenue Growth through Passport: Chas Offutt, PBS

Artificial Intelligence that Optimizes Donor Lifetime Value & Retention: Adam Treiser, Arjuna Solutions


DAY 3:

Fundraisers Channeling Fred Rogers: Dr. Sophie Penney, Penn State University

Co-op Innovation Series Part l: John Perrell, Smithsonian Institution & Dr. Sophie Penney, Penn State University

Target Analytics New Offerings: George Whelan, Target Analytics

Co-op Inovation Series Part 2: Marc Suspic, Marc Supsic Wine Living & Kristine Masta, Consultant

Getting the Most Out of Year End Campaigns: Jonathan Sills, NextGen