Mike Maxwell is Senior Creative Manager at Next Generation Fundraising, leading the agency’s creative department on multichannel projects. He has nearly 30 years’ experience working with nonprofit organizations to help them realize their fundraising potential in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

He began his career as a copywriter at Reese Communications Companies in Washington, DC, working on a wide range of government affairs and commercial advertising accounts. He quickly found his passion in the nonprofit sector, collaborating with organizations that are doing the important work of creating stronger communities and a better world.

After moving to the Bay Area, he joined the creative team at Drakes Bay Fundraising where he helped develop fundraising strategies and compelling, persuasive creative for dozens of organizations in the public media, environmental, animal and human welfare, education and humanities sectors and more. He now manages a growing team of writers and art directors at NextGen after its merger with Drakes Bay Fundraising.

Mike holds B.A. degrees in Philosophy and French from Denison University.