Digital Integration: Helping Nonprofits Thrive in Challenging Times

Investing in digital integration is one thing. Transforming your program in the right way is quite another.  NextGen is working with nonprofits across many verticals to do just that – and all of this amidst a global health pandemic, social unrest and the most politically-charged environment in years.

They say good fundraisers meet the donors where they are. Rest assured your supporters are online in numbers unlike you have ever seen before. Now is the time to ensure your website and donation form user experience is up to par and maximizes revenue.

Learn to grow your own lists, engage your audiences, and improve donor LTV. Digital acquisition efforts can also help you capture new donors where other channels such as events, door-to-door canvassing, face-to-face meetings, DRTV and others are impossible or just too expensive.

Don’t leave anything on the table this year. Find out how NextGen’s Digital Fundraising and Marketing Services can help you raise more money and increase the size and value of your donor base.