Marketing and fundraising truly exist in a symbiotic relationship. At NextGen, we like to think of it as a marriage. 

Tim Oleary, Managing Partner & CEO

Historically, marketing and development departments operated on parallel rather than collaborative tracks:  

  • Marketing teams focus on building brand awareness and affinity; promoting content and key program points; and broadcasting organizational mission and priorities.
  • Development teams focus on establishing urgency and a case for philanthropic support; acquiring and upgrading new donors; and generating significant operating revenue.  

Too often, this siloed approach leads to both redundancies and gaps resulting in an inconsistent messaging across channels and segments. For today’s non-profit organizations content drives support—but the reality is that there is no content or mission without donor support.  

The most successful organizations have already blurred the lines between strategic marketing and fundraising goals: each responsible for complementary tasks within the conversion funnel. Communication, coordination, and consistency are key factors. Storytelling with compelling content helps audiences connect to your mission on a deep and intrinsic level and drives engagement.

Thus the marriage of marketing and fundraising is as important as ever.

Non-profit organizations are increasingly entrusted by individuals and the public to play a critical role in serving those with the greatest needs, building stronger communities, embodying solutions, and building a healthier future for our planet.

Complex and far-ranging solutions like these are built on equal parts inspiration and collaboration. And just like a real marriage—communication, transparency and shared goals are crucial for lifelong success. 

Let NextGen help your organization coordinate marketing and development programs, align strategy, and build a case for sustained support. We hope you’ll take the first step with us today.