Marry marketing and fundraising efforts into a seamless donor experience.

Most donors give “through” an organization, not really “to” an organization. They give for the mission and the impact of the service that the nonprofit provides. Nonprofits often spend too much time and money on organizational branding and not enough on highlighting the impact of donor support.

Marketing and fundraising strategies and goals should be aligned with one another and with the organization’s mission and financial goals.

It’s time for marketing/communications and fundraising silos to disappear. The world just doesn’t think that way. In for-profit businesses, marketing drives brand engagement and sales. That is what professionals are measured on, and similarly in nonprofits, marketing must drive brand engagement and drive giving.

Building social media audiences or email lists is important, but those lists just aren’t worth much if you cannot monetize them. Building affinity and loyalty by demonstrating impact and delivering news are part of that, for sure, but marketing communications must also convey the case for support.

For fundraisers, the challenge is to capture and convert donors at the right moment amidst that stream of communication.

Donation forms should be mobile-optimized, easy to navigate, and include conversion tracking. Print pieces must be timed accordingly and present consistent messaging across the campaign.   

All of this requires unprecedented coordination between marketing and fundraising departments and a long-term view of the donor experience. The result will be higher revenue to support the mission and stronger lifetime value among donors.

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