Invest in an integrated, multichannel new donor acquisition strategy.

This sure isn’t new, but it’s never been more important. Online giving comprises roughly 10-15% of total individual giving revenue and has increased by 42% since the start of the pandemic. The pandemic has exacerbated the rate of growth as donor prospects become even more comfortable with digital interaction, consumption, and transactions. 

Many organizations saw tremendous new donor growth in calendar year 2020 and early 2021 and then a slow down late last year. 

This is still a time, though, to invest aggressively in new donor acquisition. It just requires a detailed approach, with an emphasis on donor and market analysis, audience building and engagement, personalized donor experiences, and lots of ways to give. 

All of these points of emphasis are helped by adding more channels to your mix and by gaining a true perspective on market capacity, donor propensity, and brand affinity.

There may be “low-hanging fruit” acquisition and revenue opportunities in channels such as paid search and targeted display advertising. In print, adding QR codes that drive recipients to a landing page or donation form can lift response. 

The bottom line is the more acquisition channels you have, the more you allow prospects to give through preferred channels and methods. Additionally, diversification and integration of channels helps mitigate overall fundraising risk.

In today’s world, successful nonprofits don’t just add digital to their fundraising mix, they transform through digital.

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