Manage your donor base like a financial asset and measure what matters most.

Nonprofit leaders who hold fundraisers accountable based on outdated metrics such as “direct mail additional giving revenue” are stuck in the old ways. Older metrics that still run rampant in our industry are very often a detriment to fundraising program success rather than an aid.

If you’re still looking for ways to attribute giving to specific channels, the answer is “probably not.”

Modern fundraising looks purely at net value and ROI and measures them across time. How else can you know how healthy your donor base is without knowing the true value of what comprises it.

Think of your donor base like a financial investment, with different asset classes that deliver short-term high net yield (cash flow), long-term value (sustainability), or both. The real silver bullet in fundraising is balancing and managing that donor base in a way that supports the organization’s goals.

This requires new ways of thinking about how we measure success. With the advent of A.I.-driven modeling, successful organizations are using predictions on personalized touchpoints and cadence before they invest rather than single channel attribution. 

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