NextGen Co-op: 2019

Revisiting the 2019 NextGen Co-op

Every year, NextGen collaborates with our Public Media partners to explore the latest trends, tools, and ways to lift each other higher in the ever-changing world of fundraising.

This year we took the show to Scottsdale, AZ to explore how, “Strategy Drives Tactics!” Check out our video, photos and download the presentations here.

2019 Co-op Presentations

View/Download presentations given by our speakers here.

DAY 1:
Strategy Drives the Tactics:
Tim Oleary, NextGen / Carol Leister, NextGen
View the Presentation (PDF)
Expert Roundtable – Industry Overview:
Michal Heiplik, CDP / Nate Drushell, InfoCision / Chas Offutt, PBS Development / Cindy Germain, NextGen
– View the PBS Presentation (PDF)
– View the InfoCision Presentation (PDF)
Grow the File: Finding the Right Audience:
Dina Fanelli, VeraData / Charlie Cadigan, Wiland / Lisa Greene, InfoGroup / Tim Oleary, NextGen
– VeraData Presentation (PDF)
– Wiland Presentation (PDF)
– InfoGroup Presentation (PDF)
Expert Roundtable: Content Drives Support:
Daren Winckel, CDP / Jen Newmeyer, UNC-TV / David Preston, TPT / Bob Breck, Consultant / Ingrid McKenney, NextGen

– View the Presentation (PDF)
Stories Well Told: Finding Your Voice
Alex Atkinson, NextGen
– View the Presentation (PDF)
DAY 2:
What is Digital? Building a Strategic Foundation: Jonathan Sills, NextGen / Eric Rubin, Engaging Networks
View the Presentation (PDF)
NextGen Proprietary Insights:
– Dig Analytics Presentation (PDF)