The 2019 Co-op

Every year, we collaborate with our Public Media partners, to explore the latest trends, tools,
and ways to lift each other higher, in the ever-changing world of fundraising.

Revisiting The 2019 NextGen Public Media Co-op
This year we took the show to Scottsdale, AZ to explore how, “Strategy Drives Tactics!” Check out our video, photos and download the presentations here.

2019 Co-op Presentations

View/Download presentations given by our speakers here.

DAY 1:
Strategy Drives the Tactics:
Tim Oleary, NextGen / Carol Leister, NextGen
View the Presentation (PDF)
Expert Roundtable – Industry Overview:
Michal Heiplik, CDP / Nate Drushell, InfoCision / Chas Offutt, PBS Development / Cindy Germain, NextGen
– View the PBS Presentation (PDF)
– View the InfoCision Presentation (PDF)
Grow the File: Finding the Right Audience:
Dina Fanelli, VeraData / Charlie Cadigan, Wiland / Lisa Greene, InfoGroup / Tim Oleary, NextGen
– VeraData Presentation (PDF)
– Wiland Presentation (PDF)
– InfoGroup Presentation (PDF)
Expert Roundtable: Content Drives Support:
Daren Winckel, CDP / Jen Newmeyer, UNC-TV / David Preston, TPT / Bob Breck, Consultant / Ingrid McKenney, NextGen

– View the Presentation (PDF)
Stories Well Told: Finding Your Voice
Alex Atkinson, NextGen
– View the Presentation (PDF)
DAY 2:
What is Digital? Building a Strategic Foundation: Jonathan Sills, NextGen / Eric Rubin, Engaging Networks
View the Presentation (PDF)
NextGen Proprietary Insights:
– Dig Analytics Presentation (PDF)